Popular Couch Cover Designs

A couch cover gives a classic sofa an immediate refresh. Adding some artistic elements on the cover helps it offer unmatched aesthetic qualities besides concealing any imperfection underneath. Notwithstanding, you can also use the cover to update a cheap buy.

New covers present an easy way of updating your living areas. There are many ways to revamp your living room with couch covers. You can use either new or existing covers to match season colors. Secondly, you can also cover a mismatched pair of sofas to create harmony in the room.

Your couch is bound to fray and wear down with continued use. Leaving it looking somewhat rough or worn-out around the edges. As you try to revamp your sofa using a cover, here are some stylish ways to cover your sofas and leave looking fresh.

Fitted Slip Covers

Some couches come with custom slipcovers. While most units are fitted with a high-end cover, the last thing you need is a baggy cover. If you can limit your search to quality Ikea Ektorp couch covers, you can have something extra for your couch.

Box Cushion Covers

This couch cover is an all-purpose solution for different sofa designs. Unlike fitted covers, box covers are fitted on the sofa like a jacket. They normally play a protective role on the sofa’s seat, arms, and back.

Transitional Covers

This couch cover injects some balance on some conflicting elements: traditional and modern, bold and neutral, and masculine and feminine attributes. These covers are also known for their ability to help incorporate the latest sofa design trends without breaking the bank.

Sofa covers have a reputation for being boxy and old-fashioned. However, this perception rarely holds if you invest in the right couch cover. Choosing the right cover can instantly glam up your space.

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