How Art Commissions Work

Inexperienced artists may assume that their agreements will be verbal and based on trust. This is an easy way to end up being exploited. Instead, the assignments have to be legally binding. The service Precisely is a vital tool to utilise. There are certain phases to a commission that all artists need to be aware of.

Coming Up With Clear Terms

Both the artist and the client must explain what they want from the project. They should come up with their own terms and conditions, which form the basis for the contract. This is important because it prevents either of the parties from being disappointed with the end results. Clearly stating terms helps to avoid a range of everyday issues. They can include reneging, refusing to pay or producing an art piece that does not meet the brief.

Using Templates

Eventually, the artist will have completed a large number of different commissions. They may have noticed that some of them are so similar that the same contract template can be utilised. People can use the contract management software from Precisely to create templates based on questionnaires. Doing so will save plenty of time. This process is also more automated to streamline the creation of new legal documents. Artists will notice that the service provided by Precisely simplifies tasks that were once a burden.

Renewing Existing Contracts

Some agreements even have an automatic renewal clause to prevent unwanted expirations. Others require the person to do this manually. Either way, it is essential to keep track of them. The artist may wish to be notified of when existing contracts are about to expire. This is another reason why Precisely will appeal to them. It sets handy reminders so that the dates for renewal are not accidentally missed.

Archiving Old Contracts

The artist may need to track down an old legal document at some point. It will be easier if the agreement has been digitised and saved onto the cloud. If a search filtering system is in place, the task can be completed much faster. The artist could be tempted to delete ones from the distant past. However, it is always helpful to keep it stored just in case it is ever needed.

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