Online Digital Marketing for Art

One good thing from being an artist is that you can use the same creativity to get ahead in other spheres of life. Research shows that individuals who are good at the arts usually have a better learning ability in many disciplines, than their art-limited counterparts.

In that regard, it is essential that artists take advantage of the possibilities presented by the internet to market their works. Online digital marketing is particularly a method which artists have not exploited as they should.

What is Online Digital Marketing?

Distinguishing between internet, online, and digital marketing can be a little confusing. To put it simply, online digital marketing is the use of online tools to get marketing messages across to target audiences. Since all technologies have prevalently gone digital, most advertisements you see online today are forms of online digital markets.

Online Digital Marketing Methods and How They Can Help Artists

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the practice of making content appear at the top (or close) when people enter related search terms on engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You may have noticed that even you rarely go beyond the first few results when you search for something on Google.

Artists can use SEO to ensure that their works appear on the screens of strangers when they do a search. Usually, art searches return articles by scholars, burying the actual art deep within the heap of results.

  • Influencer Marketing

This is the use of influential online personalities to raise awareness about an artist’s works. Since celebrities are held in high regard around their circles, having them talking about your art will definitely increase the interest of their followers.

  • Content Marketing

This is an Online Digital Marketing tool which uses content authority to draw attention to particular works. You position yourself as an authority in a specific field and offer solutions to people with related problems, to eventually present your products as ultimate solutions.

An example of this is having a blog section on your art website. In this section, you write articles about art which answer common questions regarding the discipline. As people begin trusting you, they will start taking notice of your art products.

The Artist’s Edge

As an artist, you should equip yourself with online digital marketing knowledge to take advantage of your creativity to get the best results out of it. The first place to start is to take a course in practice. Such courses are available online and are thus not likely to take a significant toll on your daily schedule. Moreover, an online digital course only runs for a little over a month, so you should be in and out in no time!

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