Using Music to Boost Your Artwork Sales Online

For many years, music and art have been enjoying an inseparable relationship, with the two walking together like love birds. In fact, music is an art, and the number of art pieces that have been inspired by music are as many as the number of songs that have been inspired by art. And when it comes to selling artwork, music has always been there to help artists wreak in millions of dollars every month. If you are an artist looking to sell you work online, you can use music to boost your sales. Of course, many people acknowledge the fact that the worlds of visuals and audios tend to produce a good synergy when the two mediums inspire each other. But how do you use music to sell your artwork?

Well, you can use background music on the online platforms where you are selling your art. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube gives you the opportunity to market and sell your artwork, without getting out of your home comfort. So, how do you choose the right music when creating your marketing posts? Here are the tips.

Choose Relevant Music

When marketing/selling your artwork on YouTube, for instance, you will need to accompany your posts with relevant background music, one whose themes revolve around art. Let’s say you are selling art paintings; you can use any of the following music pieces to accompany your posts on the platform where you are selling.

  • Viva la Vida
  • Venus
  • The Starry Night
  • What the Water Gave Me

Wondering where to find the most relevant music for your marketing posts? Find that at Snapmuse, an online platform which is home to every music piece you can ever desire to lay your hands on. whether you want to use the background music to market your art on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, the site offers you music for all of these. What’s more? The audio files on the site are royalty-free, which means you will not need to purchase any rights to use the music for your own benefit.

If you are using podcasts to market your artwork, Snapmuse has got you covered too. Using podcast background music is one way of ensuring that your potential customers listen to your podcast cover to cover, as they won’t get bored easily.

Go for the Latest Music Pieces

Yes, don’t expect a song that was released two decades ago to be a hit. Music pieces come and go, and a hit song today is not necessarily a hit song tomorrow. You can find the latest music pieces for your art marketing at Snapmuse.

Choose Music Pieces from Popular Musicians

Looking for songs from popular musicians? Snapmuse offers them in plenty. Songs from popular musicians will keep customers glued on your podcasts or YouTube videos, as they get to interact with the artwork you are selling.

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